A collection of short films produced within the last four years. To see more, click here.




Consistently stuck between the world in front of her and the world in her head, Ava struggles to put the universe she wishes to create to paper.

Written/Filmed/Directed/Edited by Victoria Rozler

Sound/Director of Photography : Kiana MacClellan

Composer : Sara Elizabeth

Starring : Shannon McInally and Haley Sundquist


Inspired by Gloria Steinem’s “If Men Could Menstruate”, this short comedy explores the process young boys would have to go through after getting their first period and the positive effects this physical change has on them throughout their lives.

Through the comedic voice over, this film simultaneously sheds light on the way society today treats young girls and women who menstruate in a reverse psychology type of method

Written/Filmed/Directed/Edited by Victoria Rozler

Starring Kevin Shepherd and Cliff Benfield.

A group collaboration alongside Kevin Shepherd and Tom Younghans, this three-screen film explores the small details of the human body alongside nature and manmade environments.

Filmed by Kevin Shepherd, Tom Younghans and Victoria Rozler

Edited by Victoria Rozler

Episode three of a five part web series, the concept of this short film was to showcase the environment of a well-known park outside of Buffalo, through the use of sound and visuals.

New York Senses exhibits four other locations throughout New York State; all aim to place to viewer right in the middle of the action (or lack of action) in that environment.

Made Up explores society’s obsession with gender labeling products and brands that are used in our every day lives, and how that affects the way we see said products. In particular, this short documentary focuses on the use of make up, and why it could be seen as a “feminine” thing.

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Victoria Rozler

Starring Yogi Sharma and Rachel Gootenberg

Though things in the film industry are changing, it’s still a big hill to climb. Made in 2016, this documentary breaks down the statistics of diversity in both the storytelling and production of Hollywood films.

Filmed/Edited by Victoria Rozler

(This is a film I always have to show to people, as it’s the first actual film from my first semester of college I was genuinely proud of.)

A mock-umentary follows two new college roommates and finds the relationship they claim to have may not be as great as they make it out to be.

Written/Filmed/Directed/Edited by Victoria Rozler

Starring Rachel Gootenberg and Haley Sundquist