About Me

Photo by Ed Cobaj

Currently located in Buffalo New York, Victoria is a freelance videographer and photographer, her work ranging from senior portraits and engagement shoots, to narrative and documentary films.

A recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Tori earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Film and Media (with a minor in Women and Gender Studies), as well as a degree in the New York City Power-walk. Ask her to be somewhere in 10 minutes, and she’ll be there in 5. No time for slow walkers.

Her passion for storytelling continues to flourish and is most passionate about writing and producing, as well as photography.

Victoria’s film Menstruation has been featured in the 2017 Chelsea Film Festival, as well as the LA-based One-Reeler Short Film Competition. Her most recent film, Open to Suggestions, showcases the very real and stubborn reality of writer’s block. The film is now available for viewing here.

This website was created as a space to share current projects, films and photography, as well as connect with fellow artists. For questions and further contact information, contact victoriarozler13@gmail.com. Social media information is listed in the footer of this page below.

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