Quick Question : What Is Wrong With Me?

(It’s not even worth saying “Oh gosh darn it, I haven’t updated in X amount of months!” for what seems like the 1000th time.)

To be honest, I’ve been in quite a creative slump for a while now. In terms of writing, I can’t seem to access that part of my brain. I am so motivated to write at times when I can’t. I act out a full story in my head. The characters are witty and emotional and interesting. Finally, I sit down at my computer or find one of dozens of notebooks I have yet to fill, and


Write something.

Literally anything.

Oh my god, please.

Bullet point…

  • “character”





-“figuring things out”

And that’s usually as far as it gets. The amount of documents I have saved on my computer that all start like this is almost problematic. Sometimes I can’t remember the stories I had in mind for these poor women; each one left on the edge of her seat, waiting to figure out what her own story might be, what adventures she may find herself on, what other wonderful characters may cross her path. But for now she’s left, saved in a folder labeled “Writing”, hopefully hiding in the “Current Ideas” folder, rather than “Things of the Past”.

I’m working on it. I’m trying to be better. I promise I’ll be on here again. I have so many pictures I want to share and short films I’ve managed to be semi proud of.

I shall be baaack.


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