Mediocre Advice for College Freshmen

Going into my third year of college, I for some reason feel I have some valuable advice, so here are some small things I thought I’d pass on:


-Do not take 8AM classes. Everyone will say it and everyone is correct. You’ll think it’ll be okay because that’s what you’ve been doing all through high school but I can assure you it will NOT be okay.

-If you don’t want to go to the first week orientation, then don’t. This isn’t high school. They won’t take attendance. Go to the things you think will benefit you and maybe the things that claim to be “mandatory”.

-Talk to people: it is an absolutely terrifying concept, especially if you’re a socially awkward/anxious person like me, but now is a time to push your comfort levels. You never know which of those people you smiled at in the dorm hallway will be making group brunch in your fancy kitchen with you two years later. Don’t expect every person you talk to to be your closest friend, but it’s always nice to have a person to complain with in an unbearable class and possibly never see again after that.

-Stock up on tea (especially peppermint and green). Dining hall food is the absolute worst unless you go to a really nice school that has class A food, and eating almost the same thing nearly every day will take it’s toll on your digestive system. Buy an electric kettle and a nice mug (because a mug that speaks to you on a personal level makes the tea drinking experience so much more enjoyable), and flush out your system every night. Yeah this is TMI, but you’re likely about to be in a communal bathroom with 10-20 other people, better get used to TMI.

-Find a nice TV show to watch. You’ll need a healthy distraction every once in a while from schoolwork. Do. Not. Binge. I honestly feel those studies that say binge watching leads to depression is at least 79% accurate (I binged Parks and Rec, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal my freshman year and while every one of those shows is the most important thing to me I definitely think that effected my mental health *ironic LOL!!!!!*). This year I spread out The Office for a few months and have found a new thing to quote on the regular.

-You’re allowed to cry. Whether it be because you’re overwhelmed, the dining hall closed before you could eat dinner, you miss home, you saw a really cute dog or yet another favorite character died on Grey’s, it’s all okay. No one will judge.

-Leave your dorm at least once a day. You don’t necessarily have to do anything, even just sitting outside the building will do you well.

-I wish I had advice or positive words about dealing with a communal bathroom but there are no words. You’ll have to deal with some bullshit sharing probably 6 toilets and showers with 15+ other people but you’ll make it through. And to any freshmen that get to skip this part of your first year, kindly get out of my face. You don’t know real suffering

I’m sure more than enough people have given you their advice and your mind is full of “tips and tricks for surviving freshman year” so I hope these smalls things have given you a little insight. Mainly just remember to not stress too much (if you do bad on one project it isn’t the end of the world), sleep is (usually) more important than schoolwork, and the “Freshman 15” is a myth. You got this.

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