Why I Support Hillary Clinton


   Not like I feel I owe anyone an explanation for why I will be voting for Hillary Clinton this November, but over these past few days I realized how important it is to stand up and speak out, and I would like to add my voice to the chorus of Hillary supporters that are much more articulate and have much more political knowledge than I do. So here we go:

   I was/am a Bernie supporter. I voted for Bernie in the primary elections. He was the person that made me, and countless others (especially young people), realize how important it is to participate in our country’s government. He got us excited about the prospect of our votes counting towards something. I still believe in everything he campaigned for and admire him as a human being so much. So, of course, I do sympathize with the people that are upset he didn’t get the nomination. It is disappointing when someone you pushed for doesn’t receive the desired outcome. But just because he didn’t get the nomination doesn’t mean his campaign was for nothing, or changed nothing. I truly believe because Bernie Sanders ran for president, he changed the course of this election.

   That being said, when Bernie did not get the nomination, I did not hesitate for a single second to support Hillary Clinton. How can that even be a hard question? The distrust people have in Hillary is mind blowing to me. How can people say they don’t trust someone who has committed her entire life to being a public servant? She has proved time and time again that she is for the people; fighting for children’s healthcare, women’s rights all over the world, being a source of comfort to so many survivors and first responders during 9/11 (which people conveniently decide to forget about). Say what you will about Benghazi (I’ve done my research) and emails (which she was questioned relentlessly about for eleven. hours.), Hillary has always come out as a person who will jump every barrier for others.

   Of course (and I try so hard not to think this way), I can’t help feeling the obvious reason people don’t like her is because she is a woman. As Princess Diana, one of the most powerful women in history and a personal hero, had said, “I think every strong women in history has had to walk down a similar path. It’s the strength that causes the confusion and the fear. Why is she strong? Where does she get it from? Where is she taking it? Where is she going to use it?”, and she’s right. Women in powerful positions scare people. They scare men who think they’re the superior gender. They scare some women, who have been taught to think they’re less than they’re male counterparts. Donald Trump and his supporters have showed time and time again that they do not respect women. Saying a woman can’t do her job correctly because she’s “bleeding from wherever”, calling women pigs and dogs. And the ever infamous line “How can Hillary control a country when she can’t control her husband?”. Fuck. You. How dare anyone blame a woman for her husband’s actions, like she is his keeper, his mother, who has to make sure he behaves himself. The prospect of a woman who can make decisions, call the shots, who is a superior, terrifies those who hate that the world is changing, hate that we’ve had a successful, hard working African American president for the past 8 years.

   Hillary is and always has been for the people. Donald Drumpf is not and never will be. He has done nothing to prove he cares about anyone other than himself. The people voting for him are either people who have no idea just how much their lives will change, or are white males between the ages of 18 and 65 who have absolutely nothing to lose if he is president. The world will still spin the same way for them as it did before. Every other person in this country, however, will have to go through unimaginable suffering if Mr. Trump is elected. Anyone who is not white will be deported, no matter if they were born here or not. Anyone who is not at the top of the economy will be working even harder for less money. Women will be denied any kind of healthcare. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, or those who attempt to get an abortion “will be punished” (is this Game of Thrones?? Will there be weekly walks of shame through the village every week???). Every LGBT+ law and accomplishment Obama made will be reversed.

   I feel sick even talking about him, and I didn’t want to waste much time on this worthless trash bag, but you really have to put it into perspective. Do you want a reality TV show host as the president of the United States, with zero experience in government and who has gone bankrupt multiple times? Or do you want someone who has already been in the White House, who has committed her life to the public and who truly wants to be president for more than just the title? It’s laughable that this is even a question we’re asking today. I know everyone says this for every election we’ve had, but this truly is the most important election in the history of the United States. And I urge everyone to really, truly think about what you’re about to do, how many lives will be ruined, if Donald Trump is president. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, this isn’t a vote that should be taken out of spite. There is no redo; look at England. The idea of leaving the EU was unimaginable, but so many people didn’t do their research, just voted how people told them to or how they felt in the heat of the moment, and immediately regretted it the very next day.

   Hillary Clinton must be our next president. Yes, it will be a hugely historic moment and I will admit I sobbed when I watched her walk out on stage to deliver her speech, not only for myself but imagining how many girls are watching this election unfold, seeing a woman up there doing what they haven’t seen any woman in their lifetime do before. (While 2016 does seem like the world is ending, you have to admit it’s been a pretty decent year for us women). But putting the historic relevance aside, we as a nation cannot go against everything the nation was built on. To quote Hamilton (because why wouldn’t I), “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals, we shouldn’t settle for less”.

#ImWithHer #LoveTrumpsHate #StrongerTogether


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