Thank You

Over the past week my website has received more traffic than I could have imagined, especially 3 months after creating it. And I can’t express my gratitude enough. When I wrote in my latest blog post “Being A Woman in Film School” that I wished to start a conversation on the matter of sexism so early on in a filmmaker’s career, I wasn’t exactly sure how. Exposure isn’t something this budding website has. But thanks to Melissa Silverstein’s kind words and crosspost on Women and Hollywood, so many people have read and responded to my experiences and, as I said, I am beyond grateful.

Besides words of encouragement, I’ve read more stories of women who had to go through similar situations during their years of film school. I wish I had the same inspirational words I’ve been receiving to pass on to some of you, but all I can say is to fight. Fight for your right to be heard, fight for the movies you want to make, fight for those movies to be seen. Fight against the “norm” of men leading the show while women stand to the side (on and off screen). When one person screams, others will mimic their screams. Us women are a powerful force. We’ve fought tooth and nail in the past to change social structures and came out victorious (insert plug to go to your nearest theater and see Suffragette to have your life completely changed). We can and will continue to fight for the right to be heard, to tell our stories, to remind those that push us down that we are the most powerful species on the planet.

I’m grateful that my voice resonated with so many people and it is so comforting to know I’m entering an industry where so many woman are supporting and building each other up. I look forward to working with you beautiful people.

Thanks again,


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