An Update

I made this smoothie bowl and poured some coffee and got my journal and set up my newly purchased Emily Dickinson book for this picture. Casual.

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a blogpost and I TOLD MYSELF I wouldn’t let myself get too far away from updating yet here we are. Not much has happened since I last wrote; school is still school, New York is still New York, my friends are still somehow putting up with me (even when I’ve been forcing everyone to listen to my jam “Bitch I’m Madonna” on repeat for the last week and a half). I’ve explored some (not enough) and found the best used book stores I will definitely be taking advantage of. I’ve put off my work so I’m forced to face the inevitable panic attack that ensues when it’s the night before class and I have nothing to show (but that’s to be expected knowing me) and I’ve taken advantage of some pretty great things happening at my school.

The most amazing so far was being able to sit in on a “Times Talk” with Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Mary Mapes and Dan Rather while they discussed their upcoming movie Truth. Besides being completely blinded by Cate Blanchett’s gorgeous-ness, it was amazing hearing an unedited interview where these two amazing actors discuss depicting the situation of these two amazing journalists who happen to be sitting there as well. I can definitely thank FIT and my professor for THAT opportunity.

Other than that I’ve just been floating along. I am about to start filming my first actual short film this week, which is very exciting. I came up with the idea, wrote it, found actors, am going to film, direct and edit it all on my own because I am a hardworking woman. I was very lucky to find three very talented women who were willing to act and help out a struggling film student and I’m excited to get this started! I will post more about it when we start production. Wish us luck!!

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