This Year So Far…

Saturday morning water taxi ride to Ikea in Brooklyn
Saturday morning water taxi ride to Ikea in Brooklyn

    This year has been testing me to say this least. The first two weeks of classes I was so optimistic; my classes seemed helpful and worth my time. The last week has been less than impressive, and my classmates seem to agree. For every class we’ve taken so far, it feels like we’re starting back from the beginning, instead of expanding on what we already know. I’m still trying to stay optimistic that this is all worth it, but sometimes it’s hard.

   Anyway, here is a little update on my projects so far. I figured I’d share since “sharing my work” is what I made this website for in the first place.

  •  Screenwriting we’ve only had one class for so far, but we are coming up with short film ideas for our first screenplay about LOVE. This is proving difficult for me, since love (I personally think) is an overused subject. I don’t want to write something cheesy or a story that’s already been told. It’s been challenging but I’m excited since, like I said in my previous post, screenwriting is what I think I want to pursue.
  • Editing Concepts we haven’t done much in. We did a short project that I didn’t care for too much that isn’t even worth sharing. (We had to show transition from a triangle, to a square, to a circle. I did stop motion. It wasn’t that impressive.)
  • Framing the Shot I am intrigued by. We started with a short exercise of an over the shoulder conversation (you can watch here if you so desire) where we had to incorporate silhouettes, framing and a single light source. We are now getting started on our next term project, which I’m feeling is going to be a short film of whatever we want. This is exciting since we haven’t had the chance to do anything like this yet, with constant time and story requirements, but I am also terrified. I would much rather work alone than in a group, but this also means a crew of one, which is obviously kind of inconvenient. Right now I know I want a strong, badass female lead and a feminist theme. I don’t know what to do about actors but let’s just say I am aiming HIGH (probably way too high). We’ll see how this all turns out. I will keep you updated. 

My only other film class is History of Film and that isn’t production so there isn’t much to say. Like I said, I am trying my hardest to stay positive about this school experience. Everything else is great. I like being back in the city and my friends and I are really getting into the apartment-style life, with family dinners at least twice a week. Things are actually fantastic if I didn’t feel I was wasting my money at school.

But like I always say, I. Will. Be. Fine.

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